Dosage DIRECTIONS & Safety information


Please read carefully before administering Love Grass



*  We recommend administering Love Grass to animals by adding the drops to their food.  Please avoid putting the glass dropper into your pets mouth.  If you add Love Grass to heated food, it is extremely important to add the Love Grass after cooking the food, to keep the product raw and non-psychoactive.

*  Refer to the dosage information on your bottle (by weight for pets) and begin with a once a day dosage for a couple days...  If no negative side effects occur within the first few days (and they shouldn't) you can then administer twice a day or as needed.  Increase slowly!  As with any supplement, the goal is to take as much as needed daily to achieve the desired results, without any negative side effects.  If stool becomes loose, this is an indication of too much oil and will likely be the first sign that maximum daily dosage has already occurred.  Back down to the last dosage where stool was normal.  Provided there are no negative side effects, stay with this as your daily dosage.  

*  As with any new supplement, please monitor yourself / your pet carefully while introducing Love Grass into your / their diet.  Consult your doctor / pets veterinarian before use.

*  Please write to us if you have any questions, as we will happily assist you with a more specialized dosage plan. 



*  Love Grass is always lab tested for potency and residual solvents to ensure a safe and consistent product.

*  In order to have THCA present, there will always be a trace amount of THC.   Please see the label on your bottle for the complete cannabinoid breakdown.

*  Please store out of direct sunlight and heat and never cook the product!  These elements will convert THCA (non psychoactive to THC (psychoactive).

 *  Discontinue use if any negative side effects occur and consult your doctor / pets veterinarian immediately.  

* Contains medical marijuana in compliance with the Health and Safety code 1136251 (Prop 215 and SB 420).

*  Use before the expiration date on your product label.